sunnuntai 7. toukokuuta 2017

Les Demos 2017


It may have been quiet but we are busy. Wömit Angel has collaborated with the Mayan Death God Ah Puch Records and we will release our old and sold-out demos in a compilation CD.

This vile bucket of hatred will be called Satanizing The Holy Slut!

-Stay Maggot-


Here's the Labels info:

In Ah Puch Records we are pleased to inform and make official the signing of these Demons coming from Finland.The sadistic Horde called "Wömit Angel", who present a compilation of their demos under the name "Satanizing the Holy Slut" will be launched in the Fall of 2017.If you do not know them yet, this is your chance. We show the links where they can know more of them and unveil the cover of this excellent production that surely you will enjoy, unless you are of those who like the Pop Sounds and The Disco Music, it is definitely not for you ..